Ludic stands for ‘full of fun & high spirits’. We bring the trendiest accessories, jewelry & clothing to the island for affordable prices! We make online shopping on Curacao possible.

Jewelry has always been a part of me, and hopefully I can make it yours!

With many years working at a trendsetting jewelry I gained a lot of experience. When I moved to Curacao I had the change to keep the Ludic lifestyle alive. As of the 1st of July 2021 I’m the proud owner and exited to offer you affordable jewelry. Women tend to change their clothes, jewelry and accessories quickly, so we don’t always want to pay top dollar.

Another thing that Ludic offers: online shopping. The option to scroll through the latest trends from the couch without having to visit multiple shops at different places on the island…

Our main focus is to make online shopping on Curacao possible. Don’t live on Curacao but want to order from our website? Send a request to info@ludic-curacao.com.

With love,